Trusted cognitive computing for a better world

Our world is awash in a storm of human communication

Somewhere amid all the irrelevant information are answers to
life-saving problems

Key truths are out there — hiding in plain sight or beneath the surface of what we have time to read.

Bin Laden

Conventional software has limitations.
It solves problems using fixed rules that require manual intervention to improve — it can't handle ambiguity or changes in meaning.

But our world is always changing and human communication does not obey rigid rules or static software.

Our solution is different.

Digital Reasoning derives knowledge by merging computational logic with an understanding of context.

And, most uniquely, our technology learns, and grows smarter over time.

Finally, a solution exists that understands human communication – in many languages, over many domains of knowledge and at enormous scale.

From finding terrorists to uncovering insider trading, to delivering patient-centric healthcare, we empower people to solve problems and make informed decisions.

We believe technology is a means to an end.

We discovered that some ends required a new kind of technology.

It didn't exist, so we created it.

We did it to make the world a safer and more fulfilling place.

We are Digital Reasoning

a team of passionate, creative and caring thinkers, building intelligent technology that makes a difference in the world.

Step into the world of Digital Reasoning.