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Author: Christhi Theiss
 |  Published: November 15, 2017

Investment managers face many more challenges than they used to. Fortunately, they have never had so many opportunities to seize. Digital disruption has presented the buy-side with many possibilities, both large, established asset management (AM) firms and smaller, more nimble wealth or money managers. Innovating with the latest AI-enabled analytics solutions allows agile buy-side firms to develop a fearsome, knowledge-based weapon that can win business from less ingenious competitors. Thoughtful application of this emerging technology can help to lock in a profitable client base and capture additional market share.

Author: Christhi Theiss
 |  Published: October 12, 2017

Making money the “old way” is getting tough in capital markets. Even large and savvy financial players have seen profits shrink. Regulators are pushing for transparency and raising their expectations of good conduct, with demands for the execution of financial products on electronic platforms and the disclosure of profit margins following each trade.

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