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Author: Tim Estes
 |  Published: February 07, 2016

In 2000, everyone was starting a business. The dot com bubble still looked like endless progress, there was talk about a whole new economy, and millionaires were funding companies with no products and very little experience. There was a lot of hype.
With this backdrop, I was a 3rd year Philosophy student at the University of Virginia thinking why is the software I use every day not able to learn? It was obvious to me that software would be better if every time I used it—it would learn.  Surely, someday all software would learn. And that was software everyone should own. I wanted to build that company. So I did.

 |  Published: February 03, 2016

Digital Reasoning is honored to sponsor the Global SOF Symposium in Tampa Bay, Florida, Feb. 23-25.

Hosted by the Global SOF Foundation, the symposium brings U.S. and international Special Operations Forces (SOF) together for an innovative event to discuss the importance of SOF enablers as well as critical ways to interoperate - from tactics to policy.

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