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Author: Matthew Russell
 |  Published: January 28, 2015

The rise and maturation of social media, mobile computing, and cloud technologies have reached a point of confluence that now results in unprecedented amounts of consumer data being managed by third parties, and consumer privacy has increasingly become a topic of mainstream conversation. Although consumer privacy in a cloud era is a complex conversation that's laden with buzzwords, the substrate is fairly fundamental and is predicated upon fundamental concepts of property rights and trust.

 |  Published: January 28, 2015

Digital Reasoning is proud to be a Gold sponsor of this year's Human Systems Conference, which will be held in Alexandria, Va., on Feb. 10-11. The conference will focus on the theme "Human Systems: Maintaining Our Physical Edge, Enabling Our Cognitive Edge" and will bring together experts within business, government, and academia to discuss game-changing innovations across five topic areas.

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