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Author: Jason Beck
 |  Published: February 16, 2017

NASHVILLE, TN, February 16, 2017 – Digital Reasoning, a leader in cognitive computing technology, today announced the appointment of Al Tarasiuk to its Board of Directors, effective immediately. Tarasiuk is Chief Security Officer at Deutsche Bank and was formerly the CIO of the US National Intelligence Community and the Central Intelligence Agency.

Author: James Ollerenshaw
 |  Published: February 01, 2017

The Panama Papers disclosure is justifiably acclaimed as triumph for the pioneering field of data journalism. Yet, behind the stunning exposé of how rich and powerful people hide their money, is the story of a data investigation so complex and incendiary that it endangered the lives of those working on it. Now, artificial intelligence is helping to accelerate financial crime investigations where speed and secrecy are paramount.

“I like to refer to Johannes Kristjansson, the Icelandic reporter we invited to join the project, as the loneliest man in the world,” said Gerard Ryle, the leader of the international team that investigated the Panama Papers. Speaking to TED, he recounts how the journalist devoted himself to the project for 9 months, refusing all other work and living off his wife’s income. Working late into the nights, he kept the windows of home covered to ensure no one could spy on information that would ultimately bring down the leader of his country. 

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