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Accelerating Discovery with Cognitive Computing (September 8/ Webinar)
 |  Published: July 02, 2016

Join us for a complimentary webinar September 8, 2016 at 2pm EDT - Accelerating Discovery with Cognitive Computing

Government analysts use a range of big data analytics tools, but most are limited in their ability to leverage vast and growing stores of unstructured human communications data. They traditionally rely on fragile rule based models and keywords and lack contextual understanding, which makes it difficult and labor-intensive for analysts to uncover important connections and events. As a result, mission-critical insights, opportunities, and risks remain hidden and untapped. 

Join us for a complimentary webinar that includes representatives from Microsoft, Semantic Research and Digital Reasoning that discusses how cognitive computing can support and enhance legacy tool investments to automate and accelerate the discovery of concealed connections, networks and events, while fostering cross platform collaboration. Learn how cognitive computing can: 

  • Automate the tedium of reading and automatically tag entities and locations
  • Accelerate the identification of criminal networks, foreign fighters, cyber actors, extremists, and even exploited children
  • Scale up human knowledge to increase precision and recall exponentially
  • Transform publicly available information (PAI), reports, emails and chats into structured and actionable assets
  • Automate monitoring, listening, and surveillance

Panelists Include:

  • Jim Ford, Strategic Business Development Director, Microsoft
  • Tim Murphy, Executive Vice President, Semantic Research
  • Aaron Nelson, Director of Visual Analytics, Digital Reasoning

Register for webinar here

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