At Digital Reasoning, we’re writing the next great chapter in technology. It’s an exciting narrative where passionate people make smarter software to build a better world.

Digital Reasoning Team
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Meaning of our mission
We create technology that learns and gets smarter with the goal of helping humans see the world more clearly so they can solve the world’s toughest problems.
Focus of our vision
We envision a world where technology and humanity come together like never before; where software learns from interacting with people and becomes more valuable the more you use it.
Heart of our history
From inspired startup to industry leader, an optimistic vision evolves into a company that’s transforming the way people experience technology.
Passion of our people
Reasoners are a collection of daring, creative and passionate minds focused on taking technology in brave new directions.
Management Team
Our Management Team features an eclectic group of accomplished and brilliant thinkers excited to tackle the next big challenge.
  • Brett Jackson
    Chief Executive Officer

    Brett has over 25 years of experience leading growth-oriented software companies. He brings to Digital Reasoning a unique mix of operational experience, leadership and industry knowledge and is focused on continuing to build the most impactful cognitive computing company in the world. He most recently served as CEO and chairman of Logi Analytics, driving its growth and establishing the company as the leader in embedded analytics. Prior to this, Jackson was CEO of Digital Harbor where he helped the company launch and expand its risk and compliance business in the financial services market. He was also a founding member of Axent Technologies, an enterprise information security company, and was instrumental taking the company from founding through IPO and a $1B exit . Brett is an avid runner, cyclist and still manages to play a little grand master lacrosse.  For relaxation, he and his wife enjoy working on their farm in rural Virginia.

  • Tim Estes
    President & Founder

    Tim envisioned a new way computers could learn to understand language and made that vision a reality. He is a leading influencer, advocate and speaker for the use of technology and analytics to achieve social good in industry, government, healthcare and academia. He also cares a ton about protecting digital privacy and would have taught philosophy in another life. Tim lives in Nashville when not hopping all over the world to try to make a difference. He counts among his friends some of the most talented musicians, wellness innovators, and passionate foodies in Nashville.

  • Jeff Rice
    Vice President of Finance / Controller

    Jeff directs and leads all accounting and finance functions. He is a CPA with over 25 years experience in both government and commercial industries. Not your typical accountant, Jeff maintains a sense of humor in all things and loves spending time on his farm with his daughter, horses and classic cars.

  • Kathy DeKam
    Chief People Officer

    Kathy leads our efforts in preserving and fostering the Reasoner’s workplace culture to ensure we remain true to our ideals in how we treat and develop our team. Previously, Kathy led the human resources function at Video Gaming Technologies (VGT) headquartered here in Nashville and spent 22 years at American Color - devoting half of her tenure there in human resources and the other half as the President/COO. Kathy also proudly served nearly six years in the U.S. Navy. When she's not building strong teams, you may catch Kathy traveling with her family throughout the Caribbean (she wants to visit all 7,000 islands) or daydreaming about riding a Gondola in Venice (sore subject since she’s canceled a trip to Italy on three occasions).

  • Bill DiPietro
    Vice President of Product Management

    Bill creates vision and focus for our products, making sure they align with our company objectives. He spent seven years with the CIA, and has also worked with numerous Fortune 500 companies. When he’s not on the job, you can usually find Bill outdoors—skiing, camping, hiking or visiting a national park.

  • Marten den Haring
    Chief Product Officer

    Marten is our chief product guy who likes to push the envelope and build products that customers love to use. A passionately curious nomad, he has spent the past 15 years working with tech companies, building cool products, living in different countries and collaborating with interesting people. Marten enjoys a good cup of java and likes to explore his new Nashville ‘hood' with his wife and two daughters. He admires Steve Jobs  ― “We’re here to put a dent in the universe. Otherwise why else even be here?”

  • Dan Dzenitis
    Vice President of Business Development

    Dan leads Digital Reasoning’s public sector business development strategy, activities and growth objectives. He possesses extensive leadership experience across the Government and Commercial sectors and is responsible for translating strategy and operational focus between both. From a career as a Naval Special Warfare Officer, to Wall Street finance, to bulge bracket and small business technology leadership roles, Dan's passion aims to identify and transition critical requirements and technologies needed to advance the mission objective. Dan most recently led the Defense Department's foray into Big Data analytics for the Joint Special Operations Forces community. Dan manages to affectionately insert the lessons of fatherhood into nearly every social or business discussion.

  • Prakash Ramachandran
    Chief Financial Officer

    Prakash ensures that the financial resources of the company are used wisely. He has more than 25 years of experience as a finance professional, much of which has been with venture funded startups. Prior CFO positions, including with Polyera, Nordic Wind Power, Novariant, and Sonicity have seen him assist with multiple rounds of funding, acquisitions, business growth, and international expansion. Prakash qualified as a Chartered Accountant in India (he scored 13th highest in the country) and holds a masters degree in Management from Stanford University's Graduate School of Business. When he’s not balancing the books Prakash enjoys traveling with his wife and two children, although he wishes he’d tried bungee jumping before they came into his life as his wife won’t allow him to take the risk!

  • Gordon McKenzie
    Vice President, Sales - EMEA/APAC

    Gordon has the world in his sights, helping us develop our business in the EMEA and APAC regions. The life of the busy business jet-setter is something he takes in his stride, having held global leadership roles at IBM and Microsoft. At lower altitudes, he’s known for flying along on his bike. Not however, when he competed in the amateur Tour Down Under race, when a struggle against headwinds put him at the back of the field and he was caught up by the fastest riders of the pro race that followed. Assumed to be one of them, he was all over the TV before the mistake was realized!

  • Bhavani Prasad
    Senior Vice President, Engineering

    Bhavani oversees the talented engineering teams that develop our innovative cognitive computing platform and applications. He has more than 25 years of experience in systems engineering and technology strategy, spanning industries such as gaming, chemical, and automotive manufacturing. He is passionate in building high-performance organizations that excel in continuous process improvement and a learning culture.  Bhavani earned his under graduate from IIT Chennai (India) and an Executive Certificate from MIT Sloan School of Management. Bhavani enjoys travel with his family, loves classic rock, and avidly follows ‘super grandmaster’ chess tournaments!

  • Robert Thomson
    Vice President, Customer Success Management

    Robert mentors our customers on their journey to success. Together with his team, Robert has been instrumental in managing some of our largest customer implementations in Financial Services. He has a passion for working with customers, and instantly manages to build trust and rapport through his Scottish swagger and dependable character. Robert enjoys playing tennis and hockey when not spending time with his family. Robert has a BSc (Hons) Mathematics from The University of Edinburgh.

  • Uday Kamath
    Chief Analytics Officer

    Uday has spent more than two decades developing analytics products and combines this experience with learning in statistics, optimization, machine learning, bioinformatics, and biochemistry. Senior roles, including that of Chief Data Scientist for BAE Systems Applied Intelligence, have seen him apply analytics to challenges in compliance, cybersecurity, banking fraud, anti-money laundering, and insurance. Uday has contributed to many journals, conferences, and books, is the author of Mastering Java Machine Learning, and has a Ph.D. in Big Data Machine Learning and Automated Feature Generation. He likes to volunteer, teach math, and is an avowed foodie – balancing his enthusiasm for cooking with long distance running. When he has the time, he indulges his passions for poetry and Indian classical music.

  • Jon Flynn
    Vice President, Sales, North America

    Jon helps us to grow our business in the Americas. A sales leader and self-confessed geek, he has held senior roles at TIBCO Software, Software AG, and Apple, and brings more than 15 years of experience of enterprise data and analytics. Jon has built successful sales teams and channels his keen interest in technology to help companies, especially financial services firms, harness the insights hidden in data. A devoted family man and frustrated guitar legend, Jon enjoys taking in a live gig with his wife and daughters, and will gladly perform his own given half a chance.

Tim Sitting
Our Board of Directors oversees the general wellbeing of the company, and brings a range of expertise in business, technology and academia.
Tim Estes - President & Founder

“Someone once described the culture at Digital Reasoning as being humble yet fierce. We are always striving to live up to that in what we build and what that empowers our partners and customers to do.”