Ashton Kutcher Highlights Partnership with Digital Reasoning in Combating Human Trafficking

Ashton Kutcher, co-founder of our partner Thorn, delivers powerful testimony on slavery and human trafficking to the US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations. Ashton describes the horrific reality of child abuse and sex trafficking that is enabled by the internet, and the technology solutions that are helping to stop it. Digital Reasoning has played a key role in this endeavor, working with Thorn to build an artificial intelligence tool called Spotlight that helps law enforcement identify both victims and perpetrators of human trafficking. Used in every US state, to date Spotlight has helped identify 6,325 victims and 2,186 traffickers.

According to Digital Reasoning’s CEO, Tim Estes, partnering with Thorn to end child sexual exploitation and human trafficking is, to date, the strongest embodiment of our company’s mission to use intelligent technology to protect people and it has been completely intertwined in our mission since our first meeting with Thorn. Over the past several years, this partnership has proven novel analytics on online data that was thought to be impossible and, in the process, helped law enforcement identify exploited children. 

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