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The Digital Reasoning Partner Program is comprised of three partnership categories: Strategic Partners, Technology Partners and Integrators.

Digital Reasoning gives our Strategic Partners a competitive advantage by embedding the Synthesys machine learning platform into their solutions. Strategic partnerships drive more revenue to customer sites and open new market opportunities.

By combining one or more Technology Partners along with Synthesys as the core analytics engine, Digital Reasoning customers can obtain comprehensive solutions to address their most demanding big data analytics challenges.

Integrators represent a select group of companies that have the capability and vision to design and propose the right big data analytics solution for the customer. Digital Reasoning works closely with integration partners to ensure that the unique value of Synthesys is delivered within the needs and time frames of the customer.

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Apache Cassandra is the database for big data. Digital Reasoning is doing interesting work within the intelligence community that is resulting in a deployment of Cassandra across hundreds of nodes for millions of documents. We're excited that Digital Reasoning is giving back to the community by open sourcing their software to deploy Cassandra on Amazon EC2. This will save time and make it easier to run Cassandra in the cloud.

-Matt Pfeil, Co-founder and VP of Customer Solutions, DataStax

Our work with Digital Reasoning bolsters Cloudera's commitment to fostering Hadoop adoption in the U.S. government market. With CDH3 integration, Digital Reasoning's government customers can extract valuable and actionable insight from the enormous amounts of data they generate.

-Mike Olson, Chief Strategy Officer, Cloudera

This is a ground-breaking partnership that addresses all three primary Big Data challenges: velocity, variety, and volume. Connotate and Digital Reasoning's partnership moves Big Data beyond a mere buzzword as we get to see the value the combined technologies enable. Real-time insights are a 'must-have' in the modern intelligence, strategic and competitive landscape and we are at the forefront of delivering them.

-Keith Cooper, CEO, Connotate

Digital Reasoning provides an innovative approach to tackling the challenge of big data analytics. Over the past decade its software has been used in government agencies to uncover security threats and enable intelligence analysts to find and act on critical relationships in big data.

-Michael Schrader, VP of Intelligence and Innovative Solutions, Carahsoft

Synthesys provides very advanced methods of extracting critical insights from email, research, Web content, and other unstructured data sources. When combined with the machine-learning science in our Signal Hub technologies, we can deliver directed actions to frontline decision makers focused on managing financial risk.

-Laks Srinivasan, Co-Chief Operating Officer, Opera Solutions

Tableau is happy to be working with Digital Reasoning to further our mission to help people see and understand data. The addition of unstructured data from Synthesys to the mix of data which Tableau can work with will reduce time to insights, making big data more impactful for government, finance and many other types or organizations.

-Dan Jewett, VP Product Management, Tableau Software