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Data is the lifeblood of the modern enterprise, but large organizations generate vastly more information than they can usefully analyze.  Cognitive computing is helping enterprises find better ways to improve insights, uncover threats and reveal opportunities.

As enterprises transform into a cognitive organization, they are resolving daunting challenges and creating innovate ways to compete and service their customers. Our Synthesys platform outperforms legacy technologies, changing expectations by improving insights while delivering more valuable outcomes.


Virtually every action taken in a business results in data. As customers, operations, employees, logistics, IT and a myriad of other activities are managed, the resulting communications, processes, and information collectively build a detailed picture of the business.


In most organizations, human communications account for 80% of total business data. The challenge faced is that this data is largely overlooked by conventional analytics and search solutions, which are unable to make sense of ordinary interactions within text, voice, and image data. The failure to capture a holistic view of the complex reality of the business environment results in crucial insights and beneficial outcomes being missed.


Cognitive computing directly addresses these challenges.  Our cognitive computing based platform, Synthesys, understands context and emulates human reasoning and transforms huge volumes of human generated data into valuable knowledge. And like a human, Synthesys learns and improves with experience. Its accuracy and efficiency makes it possible to monitor 100% of an organization's data, making knowledge workers more productive and raising business performance in ways that no one thought previously possible.

Proactive Compliance

Despite significant industry-wide investments to meet stricter compliance standards, organizations remain highly exposed.

Employee communications remain an untapped source for insights into insider threats, fraud, bribery and other forms of conduct related risk. Synthesys makes it possible to monitor the entire enterprise, improving surveillance results while making knowledge workers more productive and effective.

Despite significant efforts and investments, many enterprises remain highly exposed to the impact of employee misconduct. Unable to bear the financial and reputational costs of exposure, financial institutions, insurers, telecommunications operators, retailers, manufacturers and many other businesses are increasingly unwilling to tolerate the shortcomings of prevailing risk based surveillance methods.


Cognitive computing changes what's possible, allowing enterprises to truly develop a 'Know-Your-Employee' strategy that delivers insights from across the organization with speed and precision. Our cognitive computing based platform, Synthesys monitors all forms of electronic communications - email, chat, phone calls, images, documents and social media, and delivers an entity-centric view of all this valuable data, and intelligently pinpoints employees that are putting the organization at risk.


Communications indicating questionable, unethical or illegal actions often need to be understood in context. Enterprises equipped with cognitive analytics captures what other solutions miss, and produce fewer false positives, while improving productivity and making knowledge workers more effective.



Information Center
Industry leading next-gen electronic communications surveillance solution
Intelligent Know-Your-Employee profiles accurately distinguish misconduct
Detect fraud, bribery, policy violations, unethical practices, and whistleblowing
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What People Are Saying

[Digital Reasoning] enables the proactive identification of potential risks across our business and continuous learning from the resulting reviews.

— Will Davis, Global Head of Compliance & Operational Risk Control Technology, UBS

Using Synthesys gives our team the means to discover potential problems and act on them before they ripen into actual problems.

— Vincent Tortorella, Chief Compliance and Surveillance Officer, Point72