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Health care professionals rely on insights from data to make difficult decisions, handle likely yet unpredictable incidents, and ensure they can act fast in live situations. Dynamic and complex, the health care industry faces tough data challenges that can make it difficult to deliver those insights with sufficient quality and timeliness.

Synthesys supports health care professionals by enabling them to assimilate more extensive data sources with ease and speed. Better insights directly translate into improved patient outcomes and saved lives.

The complexity of medical diagnoses and chains of communication within and between health care providers can easily produce knowledge and awareness gaps. Adding to the problem is fragmented storage of records and the inability of legacy systems to extract meaning from medical notes written in natural human language.

If health care industry data could be understood as a whole, both medical professionals and their patients would benefit from an unbroken chain of knowledge that describes their condition and its treatment. Decisions would be based on richer insights, anomalous information would be highlighted, and response times would be reduced.

Synthesys helps medical professionals achieve these outcomes. It uses cognitive computing technology that gathers, reads and understands medical data whatever its format or location and analyzes it as a whole. Knowledge gaps are filled, problems are detected sooner, and unexpected insights are brought to light.

Clinical Surveillance and Monitoring

Health care professionals take immense care to document patients’ medical treatment and health condition. Electronic health records (EHRs) provide a vital chain of reference that aids diagnoses, decisions about future care requirements, and coding for insurance payments. EHRs also provide a collective knowledge that gives early insight into emerging problems, such as hospital acquired infections.

As medical records are often highly fragmented between systems and locations and contain complex narratives and diagnoses, it’s difficult for traditional analytics solutions to detect valuable insights that can aid in patient care and improve operational efficiency. A definitive holistic picture requires piecing together a complex data jigsaw, which is not always practical.

Synthesys reads and understands EHRs irrespective of their format or location. Hospital, doctor and patient benefit from better insights, greater transparency, and improved efficiency. Gaps in knowledge are resolved, aiding diagnoses and treatment choices, resulting in better healthcare outcomes.

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