Synthesys Docs

Digital Reasoning was founded with a mission to use technology for the benefit of society. We believe that it should never be less than quick and easy for healthcare professionals to capture, share and use clinical intelligence. We created Synthesys Docs to fulfill this goal.

Designed to be responsive to the needs of hospitals and physicians, Synthesys Docs makes clinical documentation simple yet smart. It addresses the challenges that are common to electronic medical records (EMRs), drawing a path of least resistance to deliver maximum benefits:

  • Capture whatever data is needed, in whatever form makes sense, all through an intuitive iPad app.
  • Improve the accuracy of reimbursements thanks to real-time documentation.
  • Optimize knowledge transfer within and between health systems with seamless, platform agnostic data sharing.
  • Benefit from the latest in cognitive analytics, turning clinical data into actionable intelligence that supports decision making.

User-friendly, easily integrated with existing IT systems, highly configurable and readily scalable, Synthesys Docs is proven to increase productivity and assists clinicians in delivering the best possible care.

The Complete Mobile Clinical Documentation Solution

  • All the portability and familiarity of an iPad, with elegantly designed data capture through an intuitive, single screen app.
  • No constraints on data inputs. Work with form fields, free text and even images to maximize the range and quality of recordable data.
  • The integrated IngeniousMed bedside charge capture tool maximizes accuracy of inputs to deliver immediate ROI on reimbursements.
  • Turnkey EMR interoperability allows more data and richer analysis to be delivered when and where needed, with real-time updating of back office systems. 
  • Intelligent assistance brings actionable information to the point-of-care. Alignment of insights with workflow boosts productivity.

How It Works

  1. Convert and customize existing forms. Proprietary Mimeo technology does the heavy lifting, turning paper-based systems into a streamlined digital capture app.
  2. Interact via an iPad with interfaces that are simple and familiar. Eliminate the frustrations of EMR to deliver healthcare workflows that aid efficiency and satisfaction.
  3. Gain intelligent coding assistance to optimize charge capture. Machine learning techniques deliver greater accuracy, maximize reimbursement and assure compliance. 
  4. Bring clinical intelligence to the bedside with actionable insights that support point-of-care decision making.
  5. Seamless integration for an extensible, flexible and scalable solution. Complete interoperability with EMRs and other clinical documentation solutions.

Simple To Deploy

Synthesys Docs combines an enterprise cloud platform with device-specific software to make the iPad tablet a convenient, intuitive and secure health care tool. 

  • End-to-end data encryption with secure connections over wifi and the internet.
  • Fully useable even when there is no data connection.
  • Connect to all data repositories, administrative, clinical, billing, business intelligence, cloud data lakes, EMRs, and other data systems.
    • HL7 and XML formats supported and communication available through web services, APIs and sFTP.  
    • Easily captured demographics (ADT) and scheduling (SIU) messages from existing registration systems.
    • Simultaneous and discrete data elements can be shared across multiple systems. 
    • All data elements are defined and tagged, standardizing metadata for interoperability with shared libraries or data dictionaries. 
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