Uncommon Technology

Digital Reasoning’s groundbreaking and patented cognitive system learns from experience and is able to transform your data into the knowledge you need to accurately answer questions.

Our Synthesys system adds the brainpower of thousands to your team. Synthesys reads and applies human-like reasoning to your data (documents, emails, spreadsheets, social media, and more) at blazing-fast speeds.

Here’s how Synthesys applies human-like reasoning to your data (documents, emails, spreadsheets, social media etc.):


Synthesys reads through all your data and highlights the important people, places, organizations, events and facts being discussed.


Synthesys takes those highlighted points and determines what’s important, connecting the dots.


Synthesys figures out what the final picture means to you by comparing it with the opportunities, risks and anomalies you’re looking for.

Synthesys quickly consumes your data and transforms it to knowledge that helps you answer important questions in real time.

Talk to any good data scientist, and you may be surprised by what you hear. Analysis is the easiest part of their job. The "hard" problems involve: getting lots of good data, maintaining a systematic approach, and reporting their results.

That's why we've augmented our Synthesys technology with a unique approach to learning. This involves a set of training tools, technology that is constantly learning, a defensible approach to solving problems, and reports and audit trails.

In particular, Digital Reasoning's Training Suite empowers your employees to teach Synthesys how it can help them get their job done. We worry about things like ensuring data quality and aggregation so that you get answers faster.

Our on-site services team provides battle-tested solutions that help you to prevent overfitting and maintain good practices. The end result? Models that you can believe in, understand, and defend to bosses and regulators.

The Future of Sharing Knowledge

At Digital Reasoning, we believe that data not only helps us solve current problems better – it allows us to solve the previously unsolvable. To make the impossible trivial.

That's why we're creating an exchange: a platform to safely, securely create and share knowledge models. Our exchange enables hospitals to collaborate on curing diseases like sepsis and cancer. It allows banks to turn their compliance departments from cost centers to revenue engines by selling their models down market, and enterprises to share information on cyber threats and defend against the next attack on their organization. This exchange will help AI become even more valuable and smarter, allowing organizations across the globe to share, collaborate, and monetize the full value of cognitive computing.

How you use your knowledge models is up to you. You can keep it fire-walled on-premise, or share it with the world. Either way, Digital Reasoning works to keep you at the forefront of what is possible. Contact us to get started.

How does Synthesys differ from other data solutions? That’s simple—it learns; true machine learning. Synthesys finds order in data and understands patterns in language, like a human being.

Synthesys has a number of unique abilities that enable it to read and understand your human-generated data better than any other machine learning software.

Knows how people talk
Cognitive System Learning

Synthesys has an astounding understanding of human language. It understands what people have said and can deal with the ambiguity of words—for instance, when different names are referring to same thing (Joe, Joseph, Joey). It not only understands the words being said but also learns from the in-context usage, exposing the real human meaning in the data. 

Accumulates context
Accumulate Context

Synthesys doesn’t just identify the names of people, places and organizations; it relates them to the real-world entities they represent. Once identified, it accumulates knowledge about those entities to include attributes (DOB, POB, date founded, HQ location, etc.), relationships and facts, creating rich knowledge profiles. These profiles are the fundamental building blocks needed to make relevant predictions about future behaviors of employees, customers or potential threats.

Keeps a watchful eye
AI and Data Monitoring

Most solutions index data and expect you to know what you’re looking for. As a result, key information gets overlooked. Synthesys offers a smarter way by providing organizations the ability to build and configure pattern detection logic to identify key risk/performance indicators. Synthesys is now on the lookout for these patterns, proactively detecting activities of interest.

Learns and gets smarter
Machine Learning Smarter Data

The best thing about Synthesys: it gets smarter and grows with you. Synthesys teaches itself (machine learning) to draw conclusions based on what you’re looking for in your data. By reading through documents and emails, it discovers relationships automatically. This private “knowledge graph” – a finely-tuned network of people, places and facts – is always growing and always available.

Intelligent Assistants
Visualize Knowledge

Effective solutions combine the intuition of your employees with the computational power of Synthesys. Our Intelligent Assistants help your team do their job faster by pointing them in the right direction. For example, Synthesys Profiles™ compiles a dossier of clues, but you remain the detective. This allows organizations to identify and respond to threats and opportunities more quickly than ever before.

Regardless of where Synthesys works for you—in-house or in the cloud—it delivers the same suite of advanced analytical capabilities.

Synthesys®  Enterprise

Synthesys Enterprise can be installed within your data center, providing you with full operational control of the platform, including full adherence to your corporate access and data control policies. Synthesys Enterprise can also be customized to facilitate easier integration with your other applications and process workflows.
Cloud information management

Synthesys®  Cloud

Synthesys Cloud provides a secure and flexible way for your organization to gain the advantages of Synthesys—without investing in additional hardware or placing additional demands on your network. Synthesys Cloud 2 is currently available through the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace.

Synthesys is designed to take advantage of distributed computation technologies and provides distributed data storage and retrieval on multiple technologies. Digital Reasoning's skilled Professional Services team is ready to help you implement Synthesys at scale to achieve your mission. And, our team of experienced data scientists will guide you on the journey of data-driven discovery and prediction.