Visionary Approach

Digital Reasoning is a leader in cognitive computing. We build software that understands human communication - in many languages, across many domains, and at enormous scale. We help people see the world more clearly so they can make a positive difference for humanity.

Computers lack the “context” and “reasoning” to understand human communication. Digital Reasoning's technology uses artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to accumulate context and fill gaps.

People observe patterns in the world around them and use those patterns to deal with the world. It's hard to teach computers about the world.

Cognitive computing is all about helping computers learn from data to make more accurate predictions over time. It relies on repeatable statistical patterns to generalize from examples. Knowledge representation and pattern retrieval are the basis of knowledge discovery and reasoning.

Many intelligent systems are taught using simple techniques and rules to capture everything important about a specific domain. Digital Reasoning takes an entirely different approach. Our software, using artificial intelligence and machine learning elements, assembles an integrated circuit of algorithms that automagically organize information into a graph-based knowledge model to enable predictions based on a high fidelity representation of context.

In simple terms: It thinks more like people do. And, like the human mind, our machine learning technology quickly learns new things, adapts and becomes smarter, over time.

“Someday all software will learn. Software that doesn’t learn will be commoditized. Everyone should own software that learns.”

Knowledge Graph Synthesys
Cognitive computing leads to better awareness and improved productivity. Digital Reasoning helps cut through the ambiguity in communication data to reveal what's really important.

People have the unique ability to use knowledge and experience to understand situations in time and space. A person can grasp that the term “frequent flier miles” really means “illegal payments” in the context of a specific conversation. Computers can’t think that way. They often miss what’s simmering just below the surface. Yet, people need help from technology to make sense of large volumes of ambiguous data across a wide range of sources that are written in multiple languages.

Digital Reasoning solves this problem, by amplifying human intelligence with more comprehensive situational awareness. Our technology's ability to apply knowledge to data enables it to more quickly and effectively extract knowledge from data. Like a person, our software looks at human communication in different ways and interprets different meanings of signals; then it uses reasoning and thoughtful user experience to clear away the ambiguity and pinpoint the truth. As a result, our solutions help assist people's actions and enable them to make timely and informed decisions.

Intelligent Machine Solution
People and technology working together means more missions accomplished, more goals achieved. Digital Reasoning believes that makes for a better world.

At Digital Reasoning, we believe intelligence should not be reproduced synthetically without a clear purpose; rather it should be created to further humanity. A virtuous cycle of human creativity and advanced technology will bring more value out of data than ever before.

Whether it’s identifying terrorist threats, uncovering insider trading in the finance industry or helping to deliver better patient care, organizations are working to solve some extremely difficult problems. By amplifying human intelligence with external digital systems based on new machine learning capabilities, people will boost their capacity to process information in time and space—synthesizing what's important to them and, ultimately, predicting consequences of their actions.

Global Impact, Better World